12 Best Foods and Home Remedies for IBS

IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is one kind of bowel disorder in which patient feels several abdominal issues like cramping, ache, bloating, diarrhea and constipation, etc. Though, depending on the medical terms, IBS couldn’t lead any serious disease or couldn’t harm our intestine for long as well, but, the deep discomfort feeling in abdominal could bother you for almost 3 months continuously!

Hence, it is better to treat this bowel disorder properly with some right methods. IBS could hit your system for different reasons but, a healthy diet plan could aid you superbly to get rid of this illness naturally, especially, if you could merge them with some effective home remedies! So, why endure those unbearable bowel symptoms, when you can drag them out with these easy and simple remedy methods? Here are some top suggestions on how to fight the signs of IBS effortlessly, check them out-

Best Foods and Diet for IBS:

Foods do the lead function in this gut disorder and thus, a healthy diet plan is necessary for the combat of IBS, as well as medicines! Here we are trying to advise you about some beneficial foods in IBS that not only help to get rid of IBS symptoms but at the same time prevent it from coming back again in your intestine. Check out the healthy foods with its right eating time below-

  • Foods rich in fiber are essential to have smoother stools and to solve most of the gut disorder, thus try to include fiber-rich items to your daily meal in a huge quantity(1). According to the health experts, 20-30 grams of fiber is needed for an adult to solve the constipation issue easily, but the amount should reduce to 5-14 grams if you have diarrhea or bloating problem with IBS. Soluble fiber products are more effective on IBS symptoms than insoluble fiber items. So, try to include seasonal fresh vegetables, berries, apples, carrots, oatmeal, etc. are the rich sources of such fiber. However, cabbage, tomato, broccoli, raisins, grains and nuts type of insoluble fibers also play an optimistic role in this attempt.
  • Low-fat dairy foods like milk, mozzarella cheese, Greek yogurt, etc. are one more favorable category to include in this list that could ease your bowel movement and minimize IBS signs gradually.
  • Fluid or liquid foods or water are essential in IBS, particularly when you take fiber in high quantity, as liquid foods help to break down the fiber more swiftly in your stomach and smooth bowel movement spectacularly. Doctors say that 10-12 cups of water is essential for a person with IBS symptoms. You can drink herbal teas and sugar-free drinks as well, to get the similar outcome on your bowel.

  • Gluten-free foods like whole grain and wheat products with less flour are beneficial items in IBS, especially when you amalgamate them some fruits and high-fiber veggies. Cereals, brown bread, brown rice, whole wheat made pasta, etc. are some good items in IBS.
  • Lean meats such as skinless chicken, turkey, lean beef, along with some oily fish like tuna salmon, etc. are some advantageous items to include in your diet regimen, if you are suffering from bowel disorder.
  • Magnesium rich foods help to ease the bowel movement and solve the constipation issue by boosting your gut system powerfully. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, legumes, wheat bran, almond, soybean flour, tofu, etc. are some includable component here.
  • Foods with starchy Carbs like rice, potatoes, cereals, handmade bread or chapatti, plantain, etc. are must-includ items to get smooth and irritation free stool; especially, those, who are suffering from IBS symptoms.
  • Foods with different cooking methods as in baked food, grilled foods, steamed foods, roasted foods, etc. in short, which take less oil to be made, are one more food category to include for the person who has irritable bowel syndrome.

Mentionable in this regards that despite including such things in your daily routine, you could get through with IBS symptoms, if you don’t follow some proper tips. Eat only in good appetite, chew your meal adequately every time before swallowing, get enough sleep in a day, drink adequate fluid, use cooking oils with saturated fats, etc. are some valuable tips in this matter.

Probiotic or Yogurt for IBS:

Probiotic supplements help a little to ease the bowel movement and to improve the symptoms of IBS proficiently. It has been seen that probiotic initiates and balance the good bacteria in our gut that smoothen the whole bowel movement efficiently(2). This single ingredient also boosts our bowel system and forces to produce stools more effortlessly. Probiotic solve the signs of IBS gradually and prevent them from coming back again if you can complete the dosages perfectly.

There are some market-based readymade Probiotics we can found in these days, which work finely as a booster of bowel system, just make sure you are taking them continuously for 4 weeks, once you start taking them on a regular basis! Probiotics supplements are also effective in such cases, which are found in tablets, capsules, or sachets forms. Yogurt is a natural resource of probiotic, so, people who can’t tolerate the side effects of probiotic supplements, could eat yogurt instead for achieving the same outcome on IBS symptoms.

Foods to Avoid in IBS:

IBS symptoms start reducing more vigorously when you cut off the harmful foods from your diet along with including beneficial foods in your regular chart(3). Harmful foods mean which are hard to digest and could produce some gastric symptoms in your intestine. Here we are referring a complete list of such foods, which work pessimistically on gut and worse the IBS signs to the utmost! Let’s check them out and eliminate them from your eating list as quickly as you can, take a look-

  • Foods with resistance starch, like pizza, crisp, oven chips, cookies, cakes, white bread, pastry, savory snacks, green banana, sweet corn, etc. as they produce gasses and diarrhea in our stomach.
  • Foods with a high amount of insoluble fiber like whole wheat products, bran, starchy nuts, sugary fruits with their skin, pith and pips, etc. as they are hard to break down easily.
  • Caffeine products like coffee, regular tea, black tea, etc. as they inspire colon activity which leads several bowel irritation and pain in your abdominal.

  • Alcohol and carbonated drinks like wine, whiskey, beer, cold drinks, sodas, etc. as they make the IBS signs worse than ever.
  • Fatty foods like fast foods, chocolates, pastries, sausages, pies, red meat, beef, cold water fishes, etc. as they trigger the irritable bowel syndrome deeply.
  • High-fat dairy products like cheese, butter, margarine, ghee, skimmed milk, sweet yogurt, cream, etc. as they instigate the gastric intolerance in your body hugely.
  • Citrus fruits and fructose are other avoidable products with IBS signs, because, it has been observed that such things fermented in the colon and transform into some unbearable gastric symptoms with heartburn feelings.
  • Products with artificial sweetener are another must-avoidable item in IBS such as sweets, readymade juices, drinks, mints, gums, confectionery products, etc. as the sorbital properties; fund in such products could provide laxative effects on colon and irritate your bowel movement thoroughly.

Essential Oils for IBS:

Essential oils are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that those all the irritation of your abdominal, while the healing compounds of such products leave an optimistic effect on your digestion tract. Some essential oils also instigate the good bacteria in our gut and fix the bowel disorder proficiently. Peppermint oil, ginger oil, lavender oil, oregano oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, fennel oil, anise oil, tarragon oil, etc. are some highly effective oil for IBS problem. Let’s find out how to use them perfectly-

  • Take 3-4 drops of your desirable essential oil and add a few drops of carrier oil.
  • Now, massage the mixture on your lower abdominal before sleeping and let it work for several hours on your bowel system externally.
  • To get the benefits of essential oils internally, try to make tea with some nice-fragrant essential oil and take them before bed to let the solution work for overnight.

Exercise or Yoga for IBS Relief:

Exercise or yoga on a regular basis could give you relief from the symptoms of IBS permanently. These workouts pull out all the gas from our intestine and make normalize our bowel movement effortlessly.

Asana or yoga poses are more effective on IBS signs than laborious workouts thus, many health experts prescribe to apply some effective yoga poses instead of stretchy exercises in luxurious gyms! Pasanana pose, Bhujangasana pose, Dhanurasana pose, etc. are some effective pose for the person who has irritable bowel syndrome(4), as these yogasana poses relax your bowel system, remove pain from your abdominal and solve all the irritable signs from your digestive tract smoothly.

Aloe Vera for IBS:

Aloe vera is an herbal plant which is loaded with countless beneficial properties which solve thousands of health issues and work professionally as a medication. The healing power of aloe vera gel and juice work stupendously to solve the IBS symptoms and lessen the constipation problem magically! The high laxative effect of aloe vera juice works internally for bowel disorder, while the gel could give you relief externally in abdominal pain for IBS!

Breakfast Ideas in IBS:

Start your day with good nutritious foods that could keep your whole digestive tract healthy and well-functioning. High fiber breakfast is a good idea to get easy stool and problem free bowel movement. Thus, here we are suggesting you some easy to make yet healthy foods that aid to keep your digestive tract properly function throughout the entire day, check it out-

  • A bowl of cereal with dried fruits and banana along with one cup of low-fat milk.
  • A plate of cooked oatmeal that is prepared with milk and honey with some berries and a touch of strawberry.
  • 2-4 pieces of brown bread with a scrambled egg and a fully ripe banana.
  • Homemade vegetable cake with a glass of healthy sugarless smoothie.
  • Fruits salsa with some raw edible veggies along with some nuts and seeds, etc.

Coconut Oil for IBS:

Coconut oil is one of the healthiest items with good fat that has some unbelievable effects on the irritation of IBS. The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil, soothe the acid refluxing feeling from your gut, destroy the bad bacteria in your stomach and keep the bowel movement absolutely perfect for all the time. Eat 1 tbsp of raw coconut on empty stomach everyday and get rid of every sign of IBS shortly. The good fats and fiber richness in coconut oil always leave an optimistic effect on irritable bowel signs, which gradually bring us a less-problematic bowel system naturally.

Chia Seeds for IBS:

Chia seeds are packed with plenty of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, along with omega-3 fatty acid, and thus, they work spectacularly on the bowel problem effortlessly(5). These nutrients normalize your bowel movement, minimize the constipation issues and reduce all of those abdominal irritations smoothly. Let’s check out how to take them in IBS

  • At first, take 2 cups of almond milk and add 1/3 cups of Chia seeds into it.
  • Now, let them soak entirely into the milk for at least 10 minutes uninterruptedly.
  • After that duration, when the soaked Chia seeds turn into a gel form, pour then in a food processor.
  • After blending them finely, take out the solution into a bowl and eat as smoothies.
  • You can replace the almond milk with apple juice or normally diluted water as well!

Ginger for IBS:

The anti-inflammatory properties in ginger alleviate the IBS signs; the antispasmodic compounds improve intestine tissues and resolve several indigestion issues naturally. The raw form of ginger normalizes our digestive system that wipes out all the bowel disorder smoothly. Let’s check how to use them in IBS condition-

  • Add 1 tsp of grated ginger into 1 cup of hot water and let it steep there for 8-10 minutes.
  • Now, strain the solution into a cup and add 1 tbsp of or organic honey along with a pinch of turmeric paste.
  • Stir them finely and drink it with small sips.
  • Take this mixture twice a day and you will get rid of the bad symptoms of IBS soon.

Peppermint Tea for IBS:

The affluence of anti-inflammatory properties in peppermint tea leave some highly beneficial effects on digestions, especially when use in dried form. That’s why peppermint tea is considered as one of the highly effective methods for treating IBS positively. Let’s find out how to prepare peppermint tea which has some magical effects on our bowel system and colon along with irritable bowel syndrome-

  • Take 1 cup of shimmer water and sprinkle 1 tsp of dried peppermint leaves into the water.
  • Now, let it steep into the water for 10 minutes to get all the goodness in one cup!
  • Then, strain the tea properly and add a few drops of raw honey to make it tasty.
  • Try to drink this tea 4 to 5 times a day and you will be free from any type of bowel issues soon!

Low Fiber Diet for IBS ?:

High fiber items are easy to break down into our stomach, thus, they give use comparatively lower struggle to digest and easily produce stool without any bowel disorder. Fiber also provides a boost to our digestion system that compels to absorb food nutrients more swiftly than normal speed.

Consequently, you will get problematic bowel movement if you consume low-fiber foods through your daily diet. However, insoluble fiber items are not smooth component to break down easily, thus, if you are prescribed to take low-fiber food in IBS, try to take foods which are low in soluble fiber content, such as, seedless Melba toast, grains foods, noodles, refined pasta, grits, cooked cereal, seedless veggies, beets, beans, carrots, pumpkins, cooked potatoes, avocado, etc.

Magnesium for IBS:

Magnesium is skilled to solve the constipation issues naturally, thus high-magnesium foods mean less-problematic bowel in future. In IBS people often suffer from the deficiency of nutrients and lower magnesium level, thus a magnesium rich diet(6) could enhance your whole digestive tract optimistically and solve the abdominal troubles easily. To get an idea of magnesium rich foods, check out our abovementioned food list for the best IBS diet.

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