Best Foods and Home Remedies for Insomnia

Insomnia is an annoyance for anyone. The feeling of sleeplessness is a nightmare to anybody. We literally terrify with that thought of restlessness throughout the whole night, and it turns even worst when we suffer from this crisis repeatedly!

According to the medical terms, insomnia is that type of situation where our mind could not slip due to some stressful thoughts. Insomnia not only bothers us during night, it also irritates all through the day with its frequent sleepiness due to the result of its last night restlessness!

Sleeping peels could give you temporary relief but, you must have a healthy food habit along with some beneficial home remedies to get rid of this trouble permanently. Here we are instructing you some of such ideas which could bring you a peaceful mind to fall into sleep effortlessly, check them out-

Home Remedies for Insomnia:

Applying home remedies to get remedied from the symptoms of insomnia is a clever attempt, as these remedies work optimistically for the betterment of your sleeping condition and most of the time come without any other side-effects! Here we are referring top most remedies for diminishing the mind stress and combating the signs of insomnia proficiently-

Acupressure Points:

Using acupressure points are one smartest method to get rid of sleeping disorder naturally. We all familiar with this Chinese medication process in which you need to press down one particular body point firmly for a few seconds to get relief from several health anarchies. Let’s check out top 5 acupressure points from your body that work more efficiently to solve the sleeplessness rapidly-

  • GV16 is a remarkably working acupressure point, which is located in the center of the back of your head.
  • HT7 point which is also known as sprite gate is found on the inner side of our wrist crease on the line with the little finger.
  • P6 is also known as the inner gate point that is located in the middle point of the inner side of the forearm. This point is easily found after 2½ finger widths from the wrist crease.
  • B38 is the most effective acupuncture pressure points for resolving sleeping orders. This point is found on the back at the heart level between our shoulder baled and spine.
  • K6 is a superbly working acupressure point that improves sleep with restfulness. You can locate this point on the inner of the ankle bone.

Essential Oil:

Aromatherapy is a brilliant way to treat the sleeplessness naturally and the essential oil is the base ingredient of this method, thus essential oils are considered as one of the most effective components to get rid of the sleeping disorder resourcefully. To use essential oils for treating insomnia, try to take a bath by merging some refreshing essential oils in your bathing tub.

Lavender, roman chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood, marjoram, cedarwood, etc. are some highly effective essential oils to solve insomnia through aromatherapy. You can also use essential oils via topical use by applying them directly to your skin and massage them in a circular motion to get rid of insomnia naturally.


Magnesium plays a key role in mental health thus, it is considered as one of the vital nutrients in the attempt of treating insomnia naturally. In insomnia, our mind suffers from one kind of hormone which brings stress and anxiety to our brain tissues.

Magnesium calms down the nerves system and relaxes the brain cells methodically, which help us to be able to sleep peacefully for an adequate amount. This single mineral also inhibits the release of stress hormones and diminishes the ACTH hormones that trigger the stress in our mind. Thus, low-magnesium means less sleep and more stress on the result!

Try to increase the intake of magnesium rich foods in your daily diet along with taking some magnesium supplement in your regular regimen. Nuts, seeds, wheat germ, banana, avocado, soybean, avocado, low-fat yogurt, oily fish, etc. are some magnesium-rich items.

Massage and Reflexology:

Giving massage or reflexology theory is a stupendous way to fall into sleep smoothly and keep your mind absolutely stress-free. Reflexology technique works efficiently for both adults and children.

In this process, you need to lie down on your back first with complete relaxation. Now, just hold the reflexology diagram area and massage it softly for 5 minutes. Keep breathing deeply during this massage and always confirm the reflexology point from an expert, before trying out this process at home!

Fish Oil:

Fish oil has a positive effect on sleeping issues thus; this element is regarded as one of the beneficial components to treat insomnia proficiently. The richness of omega-3 fatty acid helps to regulate the melatonin hormone in our body that trigger god sleep and wake cycle normally.

The EPA and DHA compounds of omega-3 fatty acid lower the norepinephrine stress hormone and fight the signs of sleeplessness capably. If you are not comfortable with the idea of eating fish oil directly then, try to take fish oil supplement instead!

Breathing Exercise:

Breathing exercise is as much effective as yoga or other workouts for resolving the insomnia symptoms in a proficient way. Depending on the studies, exhale and inhale in a proper way could improve the sleeping order by resolving the stress issues from our mind. Let’s check out the best breathing exercise to get rid of insomnia more vigorously-

  • Firstly, sit on your hips and cross your legs reverse way.
  • Now, keep both hands over your knees by keeping the fingers open.
  • After holding the medication pose perfectly, exhale widely first through your mouth by releasing a whoosh sound.
  • Then, close your mouth and inhale through your nose silently.
  • After that, hold your breath for 5 seconds and repeat the entire process again.

Jasmine Oil:

Jasmine oil is a wonderful method to promote sleeping condition most effectively. It’s heavenly beautiful fragrant could wipe out all the stressful thoughts from our mind and force to relax by flushes out all the anxiety with its unforgettable smell! Are you are looking for applying aromatherapy to solve the issues of insomnia then, jasmine oil is the best essential oil for you!

Exercise and Yoga:

Exercise or yoga pose could reduce the mental stress and help you to get fall into sleep effortlessly, thus several people try out these workouts for fighting against their insomnia. It has been proven that regularity of yoga or exercise could bring you more peaceful and stress-less sleeping order than other remedies.

Top Exercises for Insomnia:

  • Aerobics is the most excellent exercise to bring you best sleeping order, especially among older. This exercise mostly performs with music and thus skilled enough to wipe out your entire mind stress swiftly.
  • Cardio exercises are one more brilliant attempt to relief mind stress and to get fall into sleep more easily. Among all the cardio exercises, walking and swimming are the two most effective workouts for treating insomnia optimistically!

Top Yogas for Insomnia:

  • Meditation is a very effective yoga that has been resolving sleeping issues for This yoga not only helps you to get the peaceful mind and increase the concentration power but, at the same time aids us to get uninterrupted sleep too.
  • Savasana is another effective yoga for promoting sleeping disorder normally. This asana teaches us to relax our mind and organs for a certain period along with insisting our brain tissue fall into sleep more effortlessly than normal time!


Best Foods for Insomnia:

Foods which are rich in tryptophan amino acid are the best ones for insomnia. This type of item boosts your sleep-inducing hormone that is called melatonin.

This hormone could keep your intestine properly functioned, digest easily, promote the melatonin hormone and reduce the mind stress reasonably. Thus, most of the health experts prescribe to eat well to sleep well!

Oily fish, jasmine rice, cherry juice, yogurt, whole grain, leafy greens, kale, lettuce, bananas, chickpeas, fortified cereals, sweet potato, walnut, almonds, cheese, white rice, chamomile tea, passion fruit tea, honey, shrimps, lobster, hummus, elk, etc. are some highly beneficial foods in insomnia.

Helpful Foods to Get Rid of Insomnia:

Among those advantageous foods, some work more efficiently than their other equivalents. We are referring here a few of them, who act extremely proficient to regulate melatonin hormone and promote good sleep without any other medication! Take a look-


Lettuce is a leafy green that is loaded with magnesium along with one more favorable nutrient called lactur carium. This nutrient sedates the nervous system and promotes uninterrupted sleep at night.


Canned tuna is another good item to fight the signs of insomnia. This element is loaded with a B6 nutrient that gives you relief from a restless night. Try to include a light tuna salad or cooked tuna in your dinner meal and get rid of the sleeping disorder shortly.

Cherry Juice:

Cherry juice is a renowned component to treat insomnia since several years. According to the medical terms, cherry juice works effectively on chronic insomnia by allowing the relief of severity in your brain tissues. Try to drink one glass raw cherry juice in morning and one glass at night before bed to get remedied from the sleeplessness as soon as possible.


Especially the almond milk is a magical component to treat insomnia naturally. Almond milk is loaded with magnesium mineral that a natural muscle relaxant. The tryptophan nutrient of this dried fruit also works efficiently to bring relaxation to your cells. A cup of almond milk or 4-5 five soaked almond before bed could give you instant relief from insomnia than any other natural remedies.

Foods to Avoid in Insomnia:

If you desire to get rid of the restlessness of insomnia naturally then, including some good-nutritious foods in your daily regimen is not enough, if you don’t shun some bad foods from your diet chart immediately! Remember that a calm stomach always brings more peaceful sleep than a disturbed stomach. Depending on this method you must avoid these foods from your plate particularly, before bedtime, if you are suffering from any of the symptoms of insomnia-

  • Fast foods like burger, hot dog, pizza or chicken fries come with a high amount of stratospheric fat that trigger the stressful hormone in our body and drive us towards insomnia directly!
  • Bacon is another bad thing to eat at night because of the high saturated fats in it. This type of foods rouses the production of acid in our stomach and irritates the digestive tract hugely.
  • Alcohol is the worst thing in insomnia that metabolizes easily in your blood and cause for frequent wakeup during night.
  • Caffeine contained coffee is another bad thing to take before bed. The inside properties of coffee could refresh your mind and make it difficult to fall into sleep smoothly!
  • Dark chocolate may benefit our system in multiple ways but, it is also loaded with caffeine properties which prevent relaxation and promote sleeplessness extensively.

  • Carbonated drinks citrus extract along with sodium benzoate that triggers gastrointestinal symptoms in our body and interrupts the sleeping process often. The added sugar quality of these drinks also spikes the sugar level in our blood and cause for irregular sleeping order.
  • Spicy dishes contain extra oils and spices that could irritate your stomach and cause heartburn at night. Thus, try to avoid extra spicy food before bedtime for a calm and properly-functioned abdomen.
  • High protein foods are last but definitely not the least one among these must-avoidable foods for insomnia! As high protein need an extended period to digest and could regulate stomach irritation in indigestion thus, try to shun any kind of high protein food at night, like red meat or egg.

Remember that, these foods not only make your insomnia worse but at the same time, initiate this illness in our mind or cause insomnia if they are taken continuously for a few days! So, it’s better to stay away from these foods, whether you are already suffering from insomnia or not!

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