12 Best Foods, Yoga & Home Remedies for Depression

Depression is a weird illness that could lead several health disorders in your body unknowingly. It may resemble as a simple mental mess at the beginning, but, it could give your real trouble if you don’t handle it delicately!

People with depression know the disgusting feeling of this condition, in which they lost their happiness, hopes, dreams, even their appetite and desire for living too!

Some medications or yoga couldn’t provide you a satisfactory result until you merge them with a few remedy methods along with some healthy food habits.

Thus here we are enlightening your thought with such preferable ideas on how to get rid of depression with these simple yet effective methods. So stop plunging into depression and win the fight against this health disorder with these below-mentioned processes-


  • Anxiety
  • Loss of interest
  • Loss of appetite
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Unable focus / concentrate
  • Feeling guilty
  • Weight loss / heavy weight gain
  • Impatience

Reasons (v)/ Causes of Depression

  • Loss of someone
  • Side effects of medication / drugs
  • Major event in life
  • Genetic disorder
  • Abuse
  • Illness / hormone imbalance
  • Chronic stress / fear
  • Poor nutrition

Best Foods for Depression:

Foods not only provide nutrients and nourish our body cells but at the same time, they cater the adequate strength or immune power to us that make us able to fight back every type of unhealthiness proficiently. The goodness of foods works similarly in the matter of combating depression as well. Let find out what kind of foods play optimistic role in depression

  • Whole grains like brown rice, brown bread, oatmeal, cereal, grain pasta, etc. are beneficial foods in depression. The inside selenium properties in whole grain products enlighten your moods and combat the depressive hormones in your brain cells.
  • Foods with antioxidants are highly essential for rejuvenating your mood and repair the cell damage in depression. Green tea or any organic teas, berry fruits, dark chocolate, kidney beans, artichoke, etc. are some items rich in
  • Foods rich in selenium also show their excellence in the depression by restoring the dented brain tissues with the help of healing compounds. Walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, peanuts, beans, legumes, etc. are some preferable items here.
  • Nutrient dense veggies which come with the richness of several nutrients like vitamin E, C, D, A, etc. are very much effective to combat the depression effectively. These nutrients prevent the transformation of defective cells from the normal form and keep delighting your mood frequently. Spinach, kale, onion, tomatoes, green beans, collard vegetables, etc. are some preferable veggies here.
  • High Carbs foods like seasonal fruits, vegetables, legumes, berries, grapefruits, kiwi, orange, peppers, potatoes, strawberries, avocado, etc. are some good food to include in your daily diet. These types of foods have some mood-boosting power and come with a little amount of fiber too, that work optimistically in this fight as well!
  • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acid are another required nutrient to blow out depression from your body. Research has proved that the EPA and DHA acid compounds in this nutrient have a positive impact on depression disorder and it has been shown that people who take omega-3 fatty acid more frequently have less depression than they don’t take it regularly! Fatty or oily fishes like salmon, sardines, shad, tuna, mackerel, flaxseeds, canola oil, soybean oil, etc. are some rich sources of omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Protein rich lean meats are one more must-includable category that boosts moods and help in the reduction of gloominess from our mind. Egg, turkey, chicken, tuna, lean beef, etc. are some beneficial items here. These types of products also come with tryptophan amino acid that works spectacularly in this attempt.
  • Low-fat dairy products like milk, low-fat cheese, yogurt, fatless butter, etc. are some other recommendable components in depression that create serotonin hormone in our body and wipe out the depressive toxins from our cells.
  • A natural probiotic is another preferable item in depression along with the probiotic Mushroom is a renowned natural probiotic that aid to reduce blood spikes and revitalize your mood naturally. Try to include 50 gm of mushroom regularly in your daily regimen for a whole month to keep your system powerful enough for the combat against the symptoms of depression.
  • Mood-foods which are skilled to delight our mood and restorations of depressive cells are other advantageous foods in such matters. Foods rich in folate, fiber, vitamin b12, calcium, etc. are some recommendable products here.

Essential oils for Depression:

Essential oils are one of the effective remedies for depression that prevent and repair all type of cell damage through its aromatherapy procedure.

This single ingredient is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties that diminish all the irritation and inflammation from our body cells which may drive gloominess latter.

Apart from anti-inflammatory properties, essential oils also come with healing properties that work optimistically on the reduction of anxiety and restore damaged tissues by providing a calm feeling of relaxation!

Lavender oil, rose geranium oil, roman chamomile, clary sage, bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood, sweet marjoram, wild orange, lemon, etc. are some effective essential oils for depression. Just add a few drops of your preferable essential oil in your bathing water and soak your body in that water for an extended period.

This way you can stress out all your stress, anxiety, fear, and bothering thoughts naturally from your mind and get an uninterrupted relaxation certainly!

You can also massage your body with one particular or with the mixture of a few effective essential oils and give your brain rest for a certain while. After that medication, your brain cells will be rejuvenated and refreshed than ever!

Exercise and Yoga for Depression:

Exercise and yogas are probably the most excellent way to get rid of the signs of depression gradually. These types of workouts increase the boosting power and repair the damaged brain tissues that cause depression later. Yoga help to escalate the concentration power keep your mind stress free throughout the whole day. Let’s find out top 3 yogas and exercises which work efficiently in this attempt-

Best Exercises for Depression:

  • Running or jogging is the easiest yet effective exercise for depression that initiates endorphin chemicals in our body that make you ecstatic instantly.
  • Strength training is one more extremely effective workout in depression that increases the focusing ability and lessens the signs of gloominess gradually.
  • Hiking is a mood-boosting action that compels us to spend some time outside with nature and it is obvious that this type of activity would delight our mood in a healthy way!

Best Yogas for Depression:

  • Balasana is another effective yoga pose that helps to calm down nerves and drag out stressful thoughts from our mind. This pose is also known as child pose, in which you need to sit on your bent legs first by keeping your toes touching your knees. Now, stretch your arm forward by joining them together looking like a trunk and put your head inside both hands
  • Cobra is one highly valuable yoga pose that gives a boost to our body energy and makes your mood pleasant naturally by spiraling the back portion of your torso. You can start this pose from child pose and to do so, release your legs, hands, and torso by lying down on your abdominal first. Now, point out your toes towards the floor and set both palms on the floor by pointing out the elbows towards the ceiling. Now, all you need is just lift your head as well as torso upside a little and keep breathing deeply.
  • Savasana is another relaxation yoga that makes your brain tissues calm and stress-free In this pose, you just need to lie down on your back like a dead person by making all your organs relax as much as you can for a certain period. Ardhasavasana is also effective in this endeavor as Savasana to fight the stressful thoughts in depression.

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Meditation and Breathing Exercise:

Meditation is the most effective yoga process in depression that teaches us to settle down all the irrelevant thoughts, escalate our concentration power and wipe out anxiety efficiently.

  • To try out meditation choose a place with less chaos and sit on your hip.
  • Now, close your eyes and think about one particular point deeply.
  • You can play any light or subtle music in the situation to make your mind even more stress-free than ever!
  • Let thoughts surge through you and make your nerves relax at their best.
  • After a gap of half an hour, free your mind from one particular thought.
  • Do this exercise on a regular basis and you will get rid of any signs of depression within a month!

Breathing is as much effective as meditation in the reduction of anxiety and stress by normalizing heart rate, blood spikes, and nerve concern. There are several scientific methods which claim that breathing exercise leaves an extraordinary effect on the diminution of depression signs from our mind! Thus, Kapal Bhati or inhale-exhale exercises are always prescribed by the health experts during the treatment of gloominess.

Home Remedies for Depression

Probiotic for Depression:

We have already narrated that probiotic play vital role in treating depression positively in above-mentioned points, here we are confirming that stamen again!

This component works as anti-inflammatory microbes that soothe gut and decrease stress from our cells efficiently. Studies have been proven that probiotic works effectively on jitteriness, suicidal thoughts, negative mentality, and anxiety by controlling the serotonin syndrome efficiently.

Try to take probiotic supplement challenge for 8 weeks continuously for achieving the most efficient impact. To get a certain idea in the category of probiotic and its dosages, consult your doctor first.

Lifestyle Change and Tips to Help in Depression:

Our living process has a huge effect on the growing symptoms of depression, as negative thoughts not only initiate for bad foods or get a failure in life, it also may occur by following a few unhealthy habits regularly! Thus, you need to change your detrimental lifestyle first by following some useful tips in this regards, so let’s check them out-

  • Eat healthily and make sure that your body is getting enough nourishment each day.
  • Sleep enough and let tour brain get rest for at least 8 hours, especially, after a stressful
  • Workouts daily and try some healthy yoga poses daily to boost your organs with more positivity.
  • Do some stress-reductive activities daily that could rejuvenate your mood in a delight way. It could be an outdoor activity or an indoor delighted, depending on your choice.
  • Get some experts’ help about how to get out stress and anxiety out of your nerves. You can try out some medications as well in this endeavor, like acupuncture, meditation, etc.
  • Avoid foods that trigger depressive chemicals in our nerves and cause gloominess in our mind.

Foods to Avoid in Depression:

Here is a precise list on this issue that will tell you what kind of food could trigger the depressive hormone in our body, increase the stressful thoughts in our mind and make its worst than ever. Let’s check them out-

  • Sugary items and foods with artificial sweetener like confectionary items, sugary syrups, cookies, readymade desserts, chocolates, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks like cold drinks, readymade fruit juices, sodas, etc.
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Fast foods and preserved items
  • Readymade and processed products like canned soup, packed meat, and fishes, etc.
  • Trans fats and foods with high sodium content
  • Caffeine products
  • Wheat bran and whole wheat products, etc.

Natural Remedies for Depression:

Besides some helpful food, beneficial exercise, and healthy lifestyle, simple home remedies could bring you a satisfactory result on the reduction of depression. The best part of these natural remedies is that they seem extremely easy on your pocket as most of the time they could be found in your home kitchen! Let’s take a look at some top natural remedies for depression-

  • Green tea
  • Apple juice
  • 5 minutes of meditation daily
  • Acupuncture through acupressure points
  • Essential oil made tea
  • Body massage
  • Vitamin supplement
  • Magnesium rich products
  • Fiber-rich foods
  • Mood revitalizing therapies
  • Power naps, etc.

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