12 Best Foods and Foods to Avoid During Periods

Every woman on this earth bears the feelings of cramp, bloating, craving, and a sour mood along with irritating blood flow during their periods.

It seems very challenging for today’s women to keep their daily routine normal during this delicate period of every single month, as they need to fulfill all their responsibilities and to cope up with the difficulties of the period at the same time!No matter you are at what age, but almost each lady starts facing this intricacy, once they have reached that curtained maturity of menstruation.

We are well aware of that curious feeling when you try almost every possible thing near you to reduce the pain, to increase the flow, and to revamp your mood from that irritation. What if we tell you that you can combat all of these signs with some of your regular foods? Yes, you heard it right; you can win this battle against period cramp and all of those difficulties with some regular foods! Let’s check out what are they and how they could help you in this endeavor-

Best Foods in Periods:

Almost every nutrient dense food is advantageous in this time, but there a few septic categories available in our hand, which work more skillfully to deal with the health issues during the menstruation period. Check out what types of foods are more beneficial in this matter and how to consume them properly in this time-

Crunch Some Nuts: 

Nuts are one good source of omega-3 fatty acids along with a high amount of essential nutrients which ease the periods’ cramp and escalate the blood flow in a high amount. Try to include the as your daytime snacks during the menstruation and diminish the period-troubles naturally(1).

Soak some healthy nuts overnight and eat them in the next morning, or fry some nuts at home and eat after a small seasoning. Peanuts, almond, walnuts, etc. are some recommendable nuts here, but remember that these nuts are loaded with healthy fats thus, try not to consume then in an excess quantity in a day! Also mentionable here that market-based fried nuts come with a high amount of sodium and some of them belong to the processed food category, so try to avoid those items from your eating list immediately.

Munch Your Fruits:

Some fruits are rich in micronutrient properties along with a huge amount of antioxidant which boosts the energy-less system of women during their periods. They also help to regulate essential enzymes which delight the dull mood and make women energize for their daily regimen(2). Apples, berries, melons, pear, and all the citrus fruits are highly beneficial in this situation.

Studies have shown that these fruits also capable of fighting the weakness signs of a woman during her periods. So, cut out all your unhealthy items and switch to these healthy crops as soon as possible to ease your periods’ difficulties naturally.

Eat Vegetables:

Vegetables are nutrient-dense foods which are one more good choice to include here that help in the digestion track and reduce the symptoms of bloating and indigestion as well as mood swings during periods. Vitamin B6, E, C, D, and K are some essential nutrients in this matter.

Leafy greens, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, and other colorful veggies are beneficial in such cases. Some seeds and beans are also recommendable here because of the richness of vitamin E, which aid to diminish the PMS signs effectively(3). Hence, incorporate these things into your daily diet and get rid of the irritation of periods proficiently. Remember that you can’t digest rich foods easily in this time thus, try not to make them extra spicy or rich while cooking.

Gulp Juices:

It has been seen that menstrual cycle could lessen it cramp and difficulties when you consume a huge amount of fluid through your regular diet and juices, are one of the best choices among them. Do you know that the cramp we feel during periods is basically the construction of our urine muscles? That’s’ why a huge amount of fluid consumption helps to relax those muscles and trims down our abdominal pain effectively(4).

Health experts claim that healthy juices work more optimistically in this endeavor of lessening menstruation problems than other equivalents. You can drink the fresh juice of any hale and hearty component, whether it is a vegetable, leafy green or fruits.

Basil leaves, spinach, carrots, lemon, orange, pineapple, watermelon, cranberry, strawberry, peaches, apple, beetroot, blueberries, lime, etc. are some preferable items here. You can make raw juice of every single item individually or mix some of them together to nourish your health more vigorously, as your desire.

Small Quantity of Fish is Good:

Fishes are one more criterion to include here to increase the flow of your blood during menstruation cycle. Fishes are rich in a healthy fat like EPA and DHA fatty acids which decrease the PMS symptoms more effectively than any readymade medicine.

Oily fishes also revamp your sour mood and boost up your energy in an optimistic way. Salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, cold water fishes, etc. are some includable elements here.

However, try not to consume or overboard these fishes with the sake of periods, as that could lessen your period difficulties but, increase your bloating and fatigue problem hugely. According to the experts, 6 grams of fish oil or oily fishes are recommendable for an all-grown woman on a regular basis.

Eat Protein Rich-Foods:

Protein-rich foods, especially the planted base items like lentils, legumes, along with a few animal-based products like tofu, paneer, eggs, etc. are some beneficial things in the period, as they keep your blood sugar level normal during the menstrual cycle.

Generally, women went through of high sugar craving and flow irregularity in their bloodstream. These protein-rich items maintain a balanced sugar level during this period, which also prevents from high or low blood flow and helps to lessen the cramps effectively(5).

Chickpea, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, regular lentils, etc. are some preferable components here. Normal water fishes and lean meats like chicken, turkey, etc. are some other includable items here.

High Minerals Foods:

Minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, fiber, etc. are immensely crucial in this fragile time of periods, thus women should recommend some high minerals foods in their regular diet.

Minerals ease the intricacy of the menstrual cycle, relieve from cramps and normalize the flow throughout the whole session. These micronutrient loaded foods also reduce the symptoms of bloating in periods, when women often suffer from digestive signs, they help to regularize the bowel movement along with delighting the mood naturally.

Pumpkin seeds, beans, tofu, bananas, avocado, sweet potatoes, etc. are some mentionable items in this regards.

Eating Good Carbs:

Goods Carbs or carbohydrate-rich foods are other recommendable categories here. Carbohydrates also prevent from hiking sugar level in our blood and reduce the cramps, bloating, or mood swing problems efficiently.

However, goods Carbs are good for beneficial but try to limit the intake of such items within 50-150 grams on a regular basis, otherwise, it may hamper your menstrual cycle rather than improving it! Research also claims that low-Carbs diet helps more dynamically than high Carbs diet in the normalization of periods.

So, choose complex carbohydrate and treat your tongue with something tasty yet power-compact foods. Grain foods, white starch, oatmeal, multigrain items, whole wheat products, etc. are some preferable items here. Remember that a certain amount of carbohydrate in your daily food not only regularize a perfect blood but at the same time, avert premenstrual fluid as well!

Diet Plan for Women during their Periods:

After validating all of those beneficial foods, let us guide you with a precise diet chart that will help you to fight the difficulties of the menstrual cycle and balance your health with some boosted up moods(6). Let’s take a look-

  • Breakfast: Try to start your day with calcium rich foods like a glass of soy milk along with some complex Carbs like whole grain cereal or some whole wheat products like brown bread. A ripe banana or one boiled egg could accompany here magnificently in this endeavor.
  • Lunch: This the time for some nutrient dense items like cooked vegetables, freshly made salads, baked fish, tasty preparations of some lean meats, etc. you can amalgamate these things a few complex Carbs like a cup of rice, 1-2 wheat made chapatti, etc.
  • Dinner: In dinner, take some mineral rich items like lentils and legumes made soups long with some high nutrient items like veg sandwiches, homemade wheat pasta, etc. this time eat some foods which take a long time to digest, as this will keep your digestive tract busy all through the night and lessen the signs of bloating effectively.
  • Small meals as tiffin: These are the more important items than the main meals, as this delicate period of the menstrual cycle, ladies often feel low-appetite, thus it is difficult for them to eat a complete meal at a time. Consequently, small and frequent meals are more beneficial in this time to keep them energize and normalize the blood flow normal for the utmost times! Fruit salads, roasted nuts, fruit juices, green tea, peppermint tea, whole grain made snacks, etc. are some recommendable items here.

Foods to Avoid in Periods:

In periods, avoid harmful foods is much crucial than including healthy foods, as lack of nutrients only reduce the blood flow and shorten the menstrual period but, bad or unsuitable foods could worsen your periods’ symptom unbelievably! They could escalate the cramps, irregular the menstrual cycle, lessen the flow, increase the bloating signs, and sour your mood disgustingly. Thus, you should find out apparently which kinds of foods are harmful in this time-

  • Dairy products, like milk, buttermilk, cheese, butter, margarine, etc. as they force to break down excessive clots in your blood.
  • Red meat or any high protein foods are harmful in such periods as they increase indigestion and worsen the bloating symptom hugely.

  • Sugary items like sweets, candy, desserts, sugary syrups, products with artificial sweeteners, etc. as they spike the blood sugar level in an uncontrollable manner.
  • High sodium foods are another must-avoidable item here which not only trigger the blood spikes but also increase the premenstrual fluid hugely. Market-based fries, salted popcorn, nuts, snacks, readymade soups, etc. are some mentionable products here.

  • Caffeine foods like coffee, black tea, etc. are some preferably avoidable items here which could increase the stomach acid during this time and escalate the symptoms of bloating unbearably!
  • Alcohol is another dangerous thing to consume during the menstrual cycle as it could worsen your premenstrual depression that hampers the whole cycle of periods hugely.

  • Processed foods and carbonated items are another musts- preventable products here which irregular your menstrual cycle and interrupt the blood flow massively.

Tips and Best Sleeping Position during Periods:

If you are looking for easy period in a natural way then, follow these simple yet effective tips that will ease your difficulties during this delicacy and watch out these favorable sleeping positions as well to lead a normal and painless life during our menstrual cycle- 

  • Drink lots of water in the day time and take some water substitute with it as well, like flaxseeds, herbal teas, spinach, etc.
  • Give some hot compress on your abdominal through your entire waist twice a day.
  • Reduce cold, raw and harmful foods from your regular diet chart.
  • Eat whole foods and get some energy drinks like hot cocoa, green tea, peppermint tea, etc frequently to get yourself energize for your regular work.

  • Sleep adequately and try not to wake up often, once you go to your bed, thus reducing fluid intake a little after sunset.

  • Sleeping position is an important method here to keep your periods normal and painless, thus try some helpful postures of sleeping during this time and make yourself less bothered in all through the menstrual cycle(7).
  • Sleeping in the fetal position is one recommendable one among them, in which you need to keep your legs press together. This way your will maintain a less painful abdominal with fewer possibilities of leaking!
  • Mentionable here that lying on your abdominal is a preferable way only if you are suffering from low blood flow, as it increases the flow massively in the menstrual

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