Nausea after Eating: Reasons & Quick Relief Home Remedies

Nausea is one type of mild discomfort which we feel in our stomach that constantly instigates us to vomit or provides a sensation of wanting to vomit.

This could occur for various reasons, from gastric issues to indigestion and from odor issues to signs of some deadly diseases including hepatitis, jaundice, cancer, etc. Sometimes, it occurs in our stomach due to indicate pregnancy as well, but every time it bothers us with its irritations with equal intensity.

No matter what, we want to get rid of this vomit tendency at any cost. Unfortunately, in some cases, people couldn’t get success in their attempts until they found the real cause behind it. So, let’s check out these simple techniques in this regards, which will guide you to find out the possible reasons of nausea in your body along with some effective relief methods of this problem, take a look-

The Reason for Having Nausea after Eating:

Nausea or the strong urge to vomit could happen at any time of the day, from morning to evening and from afternoon tonight, but what irritates us more is the vomiting tendency after eating.

This kind of irksome urge could happen for ample reasons and couldn’t go away until you eliminate the cause of nausea from your life. Medical help may solve the problem effectively, but they also need to identify the true cause of it. Hence, it is crucial to recognize the indication of nausea after eating clearly before you need to say goodbye to these infuriating signs from your stomach.

Here we refer to a few possible causes in this regard, let’s take a quick look at them, cure them rapidly, and get back to the time when you used to enjoy your meals instead of frightening of after nausea-

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Top Reasons

  • Watch out for your meals, as sometimes we keep validating our stomach and the real cause of nausea lies in our food material.
  • Consumption of allergic foods, especially you are sensitive to those foods, could definitely drive the signs of nausea in your stomach.
  • Products with chemical-based components, mucus contents, shells, etc. could lead to this type of allergy in your body.
  • Sometimes, food poisoning could also initiate the urge of vomiting instantly after completing the meal, as some parasites, viruses, or bacterial existence in your food kick off the nausea feeling in your stomach.
  • Pregnancy is one of the commonest reasons for having nausea after eating, especially, during the period of the first
  • Heartburn or acid reflux, which usually occurs for gastro-esophageal disease, also works deeply behind the sensation of nausea sign after eating.
  • Gallbladder illness is one more common reason for having nausea after completing your meal, as disorders in the gallbladder decrease the ability of fat digestion from our meals, which instigate the vomiting urge in our stomach instantly after consuming foods.
  • Sometimes, some type of side-effect of some medications or drugs of deadly diseases could bring this nausea signs in your body after a meal.
  • Motion sickness is one more commonest reason of having nausea after taking a meal, as some people are inflexible towards the motion of a moving or traveling vehicle, those people definitely face this type of problem after eating their meals.
  • IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is another typical reason for having a vomiting urge after completing the food.
  • Chemotherapy which people need to take to cure cancer is one more common reason for having such nausea issue after a meal.
  • Emotional stress or anxiety also causes of having nausea after a meal, and not only that, sometimes, it has been observed some any type of physiological issue could initiate this type of vomiting tendency in our stomach after eating.
  • Overeating is one common reason; where we accidentally consume an excessive amount of meal comparatively to the normal level of our daily food, and these mishaps directly take us to the symptom of nausea, once we complete our meal.
  • And finally, ingestion of toxic foods in high amounts, particularly on a regular basis, could also drive the signs of nausea after consuming a meal.

Quick Relief: Nausea Home Remedies

Honey for Nausea:

Honey is a magical component to treat a number of health disorders and nausea is one of those health problems which brilliantly get cured by this organic material. It contains antimicrobial as well as antibacterial properties in high amount, which release hydrogen peroxide in our intestine that cure indigestion and help get rid of nausea signs effectively.

The high intensity of potassium compounds in honey provides a swelling feeling in nausea sensation and eases the symptoms manually.

The other beneficial enzymes found in honey-like catalase, peroxidase, glucose oxidase, phosphates, diastase, invertase, etc. boost the digestion tract and speed up the assimilation process magnificently, which diminishes the chances of nausea efficiently.

It is clinically proven that the regular consumption of honey could tone the stomach muscles of a person and promote the hydrochloric acid content in the stomach, which eliminates the possibility of nausea proficiently.

You can take honey raw without any other companion methods or merge it with some other beneficial materials to get a more effective outcome on nausea signs. Let’s check out different intake processes in this regard and pick according to your needs-

How to

  • Take 1 teaspoon of raw organic honey in the morning and in the evening regularly to induce your digestive tract optimistically.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of raw ginger juice with an equal amount of organic honey and consume it directly on an empty stomach daily in the morning.
  • You can also use dried ginger dust or grated ginger with organic honey on a regular basis, to get a similar outcome on nausea symptoms.
  • Combine 1 tbsp of organic honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it regularly in the morning, you will get rid of nausea signs soon with achieving a glowing face as well.
  • Once you pick honey to treat nausea, the options are literally innumerable to use with it, as there are quite a plethora of advantageous materials which work proficiently in the cure of nausea.
  • Curry leaves, rice water, clove, cinnamon, herbal roots, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, onion juice, peppermint extract, cardamom dust, orange juice, etc. are some recommendable items to use against nausea sign after merging with a mild amount of organic honey.
  • Honey tea is one more must-applicable spectacular home-based remedy of nausea with the goodness of honey. Just boil 1-2 pieces of ginger root sliced into 2 cups of water for 20-25 minutes, then, strain the solution, mix 1-1½ teaspoon of organic honey, and drink as a regular tea. One cup of a day could keep nausea away from your stomach forever!

Licorice for Nausea:

Licorice is one type of herbal product that is the root of a perennial legume plant Glycyrrhiza and usually used in a dried form to cure various health disorders naturally.

This herbal product plays a key role to promote our digestion process and solve the indigestion issues which initiate nausea in our stomach. The anise oil found in licorice rootwork as a medicinal compound and cures a number of digestion disorders expertly, which eliminates the possibilities of nausea in every possible way.

Its advantageous properties help to reduce the size and intensity of ulcer effective, it also aids to heartburn, intestine inflammation, colic, etc. illness which kick off the vomiting tendency in a person.

Depending on the medical reports, the compounds of glycyrrhizic acid found in licorice rich in anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties which repair the stomach lining and restore the digestion balance perfectly, which make this product so much effective to cure the signs of nausea as well as other indigestion problems skillfully.

Here we are referring to the paramount way of using licorice root in treating nausea, check this out below-


  •  licorice root about 10 grams
  • 1 piece of dried ginger about 8-10 grams
  • A teaspoon of organic honey
  • One mortar
  • 1 tiny bowl
  • A strainer
  • And a spoon


  • At first, rinse the licorice root and ginger finely with plain water and crush in a mortar into small pieces.
  • Then, place the pieces in your grinder and grind until they form into smooth dust.
  • Pour the dust in a strainer and strain well to eliminate the entire hard root portion from the mixture perfectly.
  • Now, take the sieved dust of ginger and licorice root in a small bowl and combine 1-2 teaspoons of organic honey into it.
  • When they merged up finely consume the paste on an empty stomach regularly, and you will get rid of the signs of nausea within a couple of days for sure!